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About EcoYoga Life

EcoYoga Life is a global community of yoga practitioners, teachers, and seekers who are responding to the inner call to walk with a lighter footprint and create a more meaningful life. 

Through heart-centered intentions, collective prayer, climate meditations, and living a low-carbon lifestyle, we become ambassadors for the dramatic shift in consciousness that needs to happen to restore balance on Earth.

When we tune our minds and hearts to the inherent laws of nature, we develop a deeper sensitivity and receptivity to the current needs of our earth mother. Through collective action on a local and global scale, we are the medicine our world needs for people + planet.

Hosted by Lila Lolling, Liz Sita Dunne, and leading teachers in the field of climate science and yoga wisdoms, this virtual #climatechangeyoga community of ecoyogis is dedicated to deepening our relationships with oneself, each other, and Mother Earth.

Where our community members live: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Jamaica, Belgium, Thailand, Qatar, Australia, Canada, France, Vietnam, Taiwan, Persia, India, Peru

Join us to do your part to reverse climate change + consciously evolve. 

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